While the wrestling industry has seen a plethora of names come and go, some can never be forgotten. Being one of the greatest stars to step in the squared circle, Hulk Hogan made a name for himself with his extraordinary in-ring skills and intense mic work. 

However, Hogan has not played a single character throughout his WWE career. He debuted a spin-off character, Mr. America, in 2003 which turned out to be a massive attraction. While the character never accepted that he was Hulk Hogan, millions around the world had their doubts. 

In recent interview with Steve Fall for Ringside News, WWE veteran Nunzio addressed his time with Hulk Hogan. The star revealed that Mr. America was indeed Hulk Hogan and also cherished his moments with the Hall of Famer during their FBI Investigation storyline. Nunzio stated that while he was trying to get into TNA, Hogan never pushed to hire him, but never said the negative as well.

“Well, I mean, of course, I grew up watching Hulk Hogan. He’s another guy that I have to be honest about. When I came to WWE, I did stuff with him when I was Nunzio. After I left WWE, I wasn’t sure if he would remember me, but when he went to TNA and Dreamer got us all into TNA, I saw him again. He talked to me, and I could tell he remembered me from WWE. Obviously, he did because he asked me about it and about Vince McMahon. He asked if I was done with them, and I said yes. At that time, it was him and Bischoff there, and I think Russo was there too. They were making changes around 2010. I came in for a pay-per-view, and Hogan remembered me.”


“I don’t think Hogan was pushing to hire me, but when they were trying to get me a job there and have me work a bunch of dates and do the little invasion angle, he didn’t squash it either. He didn’t go above and beyond to get me in, but he also didn’t say no, we don’t want him. My relationship with Hogan was influenced by what I did in WWE and the angles I was involved in. I have on-screen moments with him, not wrestling against him, but when we were doing the FBI investigation. We were acting like Sherlock Holmes, saying we were going to catch him, and he would walk right behind us on camera, making us look stupid.”

“I loved those angles. The FBI investigating if Mr. America was actually Hulk Hogan or vice versa were classic moments. They are core memories for a lot of us. I did have my relationship with Vince because I did stuff with him too. People have been trying to figure out if Hulk Hogan was Mr. America or if Mr. America was Hulk Hogan. Well, I can tell you the truth: I saw him without the mask in the dressing room. It’s definitely Hulk Hogan.”

While numerous stories about Hulk Hogan have come to light in the last few years, every single one of them have been very exciting to know about. On the other hand, it is rare to hear about stories related to Nunzio and his stint in the wrestling industry. Ringside News will keep you updated with the latest news about WWE. 

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