Lola Vice embarked on her journey to become WWE Superstar when she signed with the company in June 2022. Since then, she has emerged as a formidable presence in the wrestling world, earning a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. In an ambitious move, Vice has expressed her desire to star in a remake of “Miami Vice” alongside none other than The Rock.

Many new stars aspire to follow in the footsteps of The Rock and John Cena, who have left a global impact with their work in WWE. NXT’s Lola Vice also holds both stars in high regard, having started her journey as a WWE Superstar under Shawn Michaels’ creative leadership.

During a recent interview with the Under The Ring podcast, Lola Vice revealed her dream tag team partners, both past and present. When asked about her present-day choice, Vice enthusiastically selected Randy Orton, praising his wrestling style, explosiveness, and impeccable timing. For her partner from the past, Vice opted for the legendary Eddie Guerrero, citing his iconic wrestling legacy.

“Present? I would choose, and I know it’s crazy, but Randy Orton. I love his style. I love the way he wrestles. He’s so explosive. His timing is amazing. I would definitely want to team with Randy,” she expressed. “Then, [for the Superstar from the past], Eddie Guerrero, for sure.”


Vice also lauded Randy Orton as being humble and down-to-earth. Additionally, she expressed her desire not only to team up with The Rock in the squared circle but also to manifest the opportunity to remake the 1980s series “Miami Vice” alongside the Hollywood megastar.

“I also forgot to mention, of course, The Rock,” Vice added. “I would like to, and I know this is crazy, but one day, I would like to remake the ‘Miami Vice’ from the ’80s with The Rock. I would love to do that. You have to manifest it, you know?”

We will have to wait and see whether Vice will achieve her dream of starring alongside The Rock someday as fans might genuinely enjoy seeing a remake of “Miami Vice” with the two.

Do you want to see Lola Vice and The Rock in a “Miami Vice” remake together? Let us know in the comments section below!

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