The collapse of WCW continues to be a major point of interest in the wrestling community, with its demise attributed to various factors. Recognizing the intricacies surrounding its downfall, a new docuseries zeroing in on WCW’s demise has captured significant attention. In light of the show’s release, Eric Bischoff has now responded to Bret Hart’s harsh remarks.

As previously reported, the ”Who Killed WCW?” docuseries was produced by Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions and the series premiered on June 4 on VICE TV.

The debut episode of “Who Killed WCW?” has stirred up quite the conversation, especially due to Bret Hart’s candid remarks. Hart didn’t hold back in his criticism of WCW, labeling Eric Bischoff as “Hulk Hogan’s puppet.” When asked to sum up his time in WCW in one sentence, Hart didn’t mince words, delivering a blunt, “Thanks for nothing, go f**k yourselves.”

Bischoff, who was also interviewed for the show, responded to Hart’s comments on a special edition of the 83 Weeks podcast. He brushed off Hart’s remarks as expected, noting that Bret Hart tends to harbor resentment and blame others.


“Did I expect Bret Hart to be crabby and grouchy and blame the world? Sure. We hear it every time we hear Bret, he’s angry at somebody, nothing new there.”

Bischoff elaborated further, expressing empathy for Hart, stating that he appears miserable despite encountering him recently in Australia. Bischoff concluded by suggesting that Hart was unaware of the inner workings of WCW during his time there.

“I saw him in Australia a couple of weeks ago. I was there and he was there and I said hello to him, acknowledged him and met his wife and she seems like a very nice person. But you just look at this guy from across the room and he looks … miserable. I don’t know, maybe deep down inside he’s a very joyful person, but he looks miserable, it’s the same old s***. Bret didn’t have a f****** clue what was going on in WCW.”

Eric Bischoff also revealed why he was initially hesitant to be part of the documentary. Nevertheless, Bret Hart will always be bitter about his time in WCW and fans completely understand why.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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