WWE is truly the global juggernaut in the world of professional wrestling and many aspire to one day work there as the payment can be ludicrous, depending on one’s star power. Interestingly enough, a former WWE star has revealed the difference in pay when he was a manager as opposed to being a wrestler.

While speaking to Steve Fall for Ringside News, Nunzio reflected on his early days in the wrestling industry, reminiscing about the lucrative opportunities that came with being a manager in WWE.

“Yeah, yeah, they signed me for six figures when I started as a manager.”

However, he was quick to emphasize the importance of understanding the financial dynamics of the role. According to Nunzio, the key to maximizing earnings as a manager lay in hitting the road consistently. With a guaranteed annual income, supplemented by earnings from each show and pay-per-view event, the potential for substantial income was undeniable.


This system allowed for rapid accumulation of earnings, with performers potentially reaching their annual guarantee in just a few months of consistent work. Nunzio then highlighted the flexibility inherent in this arrangement.

”Yeah, gotta remember though, you get, as a manager, if I’m on the road every night, you’re making, you’re making money. You make a lot more than your salary if they gave it to you. If they guarantee you 100 grand a year and you work 208 days a year, which is pretty much a full schedule depending on what your guarantee was, if your guarantee was 100,000, you can make 310,000 even though they only guaranteed to pay you 100,000. So, if your contract started in January and you get $100,000 a year, you take it in payment so you’re getting paid for every show that you’re working in pay-per-view.”

This meant that performers could theoretically fulfill their contractual obligations early in the year and enjoy the remainder of their contract term without additional touring requirements. Reflecting on his own experience, Nunzio acknowledged the financial success he achieved during his tenure as a manager.

”So, if you make 100 grand by March, they don’t gotta bring you on the road again and pay you till the next January because they now, they already, you made 100 grand in three months because you were working constant.

So, I was making it for me, I was making a killing, you know, for that time of the year and for a guy my size and caliber and everything, you know, I was doing well and we were making all the pay-per-views working with the top guys, so getting the WrestleMania checks, Royal Rumble checks, yeah.'”

This is certainly a huge revelation brought forth by Nunzio, so it remains to be seen whether Nunzio has any intention of making his way back to WWE for any sort of managerial role.

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