Randy Orton recently opened up about a potential retirement from in-ring action in the WWE, shedding light on what his future might have looked like had he been forced to step away.

After an absence from the ring spanning 18 months, Orton made triumphant return at Survivor Series last November. His hiatus was prompted by a culmination of injury issues, particularly concerning his back, which had been plaguing him for years.

Initially, medical advice leaned towards retirement for Orton. However, he chose to defer that decision for the time being.

During an interview with Sportskeeda, Orton elaborated on what his alternate path might have been had he been compelled to retire, stating:


“I would have been involved in some way, shape or form with the WWE. I think – I might be wrong – but I might be the only guy that’s only ever wrestled for one company his entire career. I could be wrong.

“So I don’t see any reason why I gotta leave. I see being a part of the WWE family from here on out.

“And if I wouldn’t have been able to go back to wrestling, I would have been a coach, trained, done something. Maybe an on-the-road producer.”

With this response, Orton essentially solidified his post-retirement plans, indicating his intention to remain within the WWE fold in some capacity.

He hinted recently at the possibility of retiring at the age of 50, which would unfold in six years’ time.

In his most recent bout, Orton found himself on the losing end against GUNTHER in the King of the Ring tournament final. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred during the pinfall, with Orton’s shoulder clearly off the mat. This discrepancy prompted Triple H to tease a potential rematch.

What are your thoughts on Randy Orton’s potential retirement plans and his commitment to staying involved with WWE in some capacity? How do you feel about the possibility of him transitioning to a coaching or producer role? Share your insights and predictions for Orton’s future in the comment section below!

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