Maryse is a former two-time Women’s Champion in WWE and is clearly known for her confident and charismatic personality. Being a successful woman, it comes as no surprise that she will be getting a show based on real estate.

In a recent statement on Instagram, Maryse reflected on her journey from exploring real estate as a hobby in 2014 to now preparing to launch a real estate show in 2024. Initially obtaining her real estate license in California as a hobby and investment opportunity, her interest quickly grew into a passion. By 2016, she pitched a real estate show, which eventually evolved into the popular reality series “Miz and Mrs.” due to its success, she and her husband founded MadRoe Productions.

In 2022, she made another unexpected return to WWE, balancing multiple roles and responsibilities. However, in 2023, while pitching ideas to a major network, she found herself circling back to her initial concept.

Now, in 2024, Maryse is excited to bring her decade-old idea to fruition. She expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming project and her eagerness to share it with her audience. The new real estate show, born from her early passion, is set to debut soon, marking a full-circle moment in her diverse and dynamic career.


”In 2014, as a hobby and investment opportunity, I began looking into real estate and got licensed in California

My hobby turned into a love and in 2016 I ended up pitching a real estate show. That idea shifted and transformed into something completely different, MIZ and MRS. With the success of our beloved show, we founded our company MadRoe Productions.

In 2017, i returned to WWE, traveled the world. In 2018 and 2019 I gave birth to two beautiful girls, Monroe and Madison. In 2022, once again I had an unexpected return to WWE
Between motherhood, WWE, our production company and everything else in between i hadn’t really thought back about my original idea!

In 2023, In the midst of pitching ideas to a big network, life came full circle.

And here we are in 2024 and an idea that was born nearly a decade ago is about to turn into reality and I cannot wait to share it all with you! 😊”

Maryse’s journey serves as a reminder of just how far she has come and how hard she has worked to make a name for herself. Therefore, we’ll have to see how her real estate show turns out.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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