Brooks Jensen is one of the rising stars in NXT, working hard to become a mainstay in the company. He made a shocking appearance during a commercial break on the June 4th edition of NXT and it appears he has threatened to join a rival promotion after being kicked out of the show.

During the June 4th edition of NXT, significant development unfolded during a commercial break, adding to the ongoing storyline surrounding the future of Brooks Jensen. Jensen appeared in the crowd during a commercial break but was subsequently ejected by security.

Although this interaction wasn’t televised, upon returning from the commercial break, Booker T expressed concern, stating he hoped the individual involved was okay, while Vic Joseph mentioned a disturbance at ringside. However, the show proceeded as usual without a hitch.

Following the incident, Brooks Jensen took to Twitter and posted a video addressing the situation. Brooks Jensen complained about how he has been treated despite working in NXT for the last three years and threatened to leave NXT for a rival promotion.


“I just wanna know why. Why, of all people in the Performance Center, me.

For three years I’ve busted my tail, I’ve said yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am, I’ve done all the right things to make it to the top. But for some reason, they just don’t see it in me.

And when I try to voice my opinion, when I try to ask the questions of why, instead of sitting back and taking it, they throw me out of the building?

You know what the best thing about this is now? I can go anywhere I want. Who knows? Maybe I can make an impact.”

The line “maybe I can make an impact” could potentially hint at a future appearance in TNA, especially considering the ongoing crossover between the company and NXT. Therefore, we’ll have to see if Brooks Jensen will end up on TNA television soon enough.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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