The go-home edition of WWE NXT for their upcoming special event, NXT Battleground proved to be a chaotic affair as rivalries heated up leading to brawls and setting the stage for their resolutions and an enthralling return for next week’s show.

During tonight’s June 4th edition of WWE NXT, the fans saw Dante Chen attack his heated foe Lexis King during his interview with Kelly Kincaid in the backstage area as he discussed his NXT plans.

The brawl led to Chen and The King beating each other up all the way throughout the catering area with officials and other people attempting to separate the duo. Furthermore, Lexis King then told Dante Chen they weren’t finished yet.

That could not have been far from the truth as a Singapore Cane match, which is a complete Kendo Stick affair, was made official between Dante Chen and Lexis King for next week’s show.


Also, the fans witnessed the top prospect of NXT, Wendy Choo in a new vignette. Choo was spotted raising her head and looking straight into the mirror before it broke and a message flashed, stating her return to NXT next week.

What are your thoughts on the match and return announced for next week’s edition of WWE NXT? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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