Chad Gable turned heel back in April and slowly underwent massive shift in his character, raising fans’ hopes for his future. However, with his contract set to expire soon, a possible deciding factor in his re-signing with WWE has now been revealed.

Chad Gable’s comparison to Kurt Angle, stemming from their backgrounds in amateur wrestling and Olympic-level competition, has been a longstanding observation. Recently, during Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown last month, Gable began receiving “you suck” chants reminiscent of Kurt Angle. This sparked expectations of a significant push for him. However, doubts about this push have arisen.

As previously reported, Chad Gable’s contract will expire on June 7th. On the June 3 episode of WWE Raw, it was announced that Chad Gable would face Sami Zayn at the Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event, scheduled for June 15.

Speaking about Alpha Academy leader Chad Gable’s contract and the upcoming title match on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the factors that could influence Gable’s decision to re-sign with WWE. He noted that Gable winning the Intercontinental Championship would be a big factor in Gable re-signing with WWE.


“I could see Gable winning, it would have to be tied to negotiations. I don’t see them putting the title on Gable with his contract expiring. And his contract is expiring and he hasn’t signed a new deal.

“That’s a good pressure, you know because we’re giving you the biggest push of your career, which they are right now. Obviously they don’t want him to leave, and he’s doing really great.

“So I think… there’s a good chance that may be the determining factor if he signs or doesn’t sign. They got both ways they could go.

“I would put the odds relatively small of the idea that he would leave.”

We will have to wait and see whether Chad Gable will end up signing a new contract with WWE, as fans will more or less know the outcome once Chad Gable competes at Clash at the Castle.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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