WWE has been generating excitement among fans with a mysterious campaign involving QR codes and glitch effects, all leading up to the highly anticipated return of WWE superstar Bo Dallas to WWE television under his Uncle Howdy gimmick.

The first hints of Uncle Howdy’s return appeared at the end of the “Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal” documentary and came into full effect at the conclusion of WrestleMania 40, with multiple glitches and QR codes appearing each week on WWE TV.

Last week, WWE.com felt the invasion of Uncle Howdy after another QR code that redirected fans to a page styled like a late 90s website, it was been updated with an image resembling one used in the recent QR code campaign, simply captioned “Hello.”

The trend continued on tonight’s June 3rd edition of Monday Night RAW as a QR flashed at the end of the explosive bout between Sheamus and Ludwig Kaiser. When scanned, it led fans to a web page with multiple options. The one at the very top played a video, with a series of messages and image flashes that were seen to be that of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse, ending with the dark figure and hooded woman rumored to be Sister Abigail.


Other pages featured some new and old clues that have been previously shown. However, much like the first one, the last link showed a blurred image of WWE RAW Talk hosts, Megan Morant and Sam Roberts with a message captioned “See you tonight.”

With these intriguing teasers, WWE is effectively building anticipation for what promises to be an exciting storyline involving Uncle Howdy and his new stable. Fans are eagerly awaiting more clues and the official return of Bo Dallas in this enigmatic new role.

What are your thoughts on the potential return of Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy? How do you think this storyline will impact WWE programming? Share your excitement and speculations in the comment section below!

Nikunj Walia

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