Significant cutbacks have been disclosed within TNA Wrestling and Anthem management.

According to PWInsider, among the one of those individuals affected by these changes is David Sahadi, who served as the creative director for the organization.

Sahadi, with a tenure of four years at Anthem and a history with TNA/IMPACT since March 2006, brings a wealth of experience, having previously worked at WWE. The departure of Sahadi marks a notable change within the creative team.

Adding to the list of departures is RD Evans, who held the position of head of creative for TNA. According to the report, Evans had been “increasingly frustrated” and had reportedly decided to step down prior to the implementation of cuts. Evans, known for his prior stint at WWE, joined TNA in October 2019.


The restructuring efforts extend beyond the creative department, with multiple exits reported from the live events division. These adjustments reflect a broader strategy aimed at reconfiguring various aspects of TNA Wrestling.

As more details emerge regarding these cuts and the implications they hold for TNA Wrestling’s future direction, Ringside News remains committed to providing comprehensive coverage as information becomes available.

As the wrestling community awaits further developments, the impact of these restructuring efforts on TNA’s trajectory remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on the recent cutbacks within TNA Wrestling and the departure of key figures like David Sahadi and RD Evans? How do you think these changes will impact TNA’s creative direction and overall future? Share your insights and predictions for the company’s trajectory in the comment section below!

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