AEW has seen tons of growth over the years but there is always room for more growth and improvement. In light of this, Tony Khan has also delved into the business aspects and addressed adding another hour of weekly AEW programming.

With 2024 marking the year of media rights renewal for the promotion, there has been speculation about potential significant changes for AEW. Given the recent success of the three-hour blocks, the possibility of either Dynamite or Collision permanently expanding has been a topic of discussion.

In a recent interview with Shakiel Mahjouri, Tony Khan was asked about the potential of Dynamite adding another hour in the future. Khan referenced RAW’s expansion to three hours back in 2012 and noted the challenge of maintaining audience interest throughout a longer show.

“That’s a really challenging question. It’s been interesting to do the three-hour block when it’s been Dynamite and Rampage. You wanna keep Dynamite as strong as possible. Look at the history of what’s happened with a two-hour wrestling show when that show has expanded to three hours.”


Tony Khan also touched on the financial aspects, considering what it would mean for AEW’s bottom line to extend their most profitable show. He explained how the three-hour format allows them to address storylines and events on the same night.

In discussions, they explored the idea of consolidating the five hours of weekly AEW programming into two nights instead of three. Despite this, Khan expressed his firm commitment to maintaining at least five hours of content per week but didn’t rule out adding more hours to their weekly programming.

“It’s interesting right now the most we get per hour for any of our TV shows is Dynamite. So in some ways you can say that would be a really lucrative opportunity. I think it’s a very interesting conversation to have about how many nights a week you allocate the programming. Is 5 hours the best? Should we do 6? I mean I definitely wanna do at least 5 now. I’ve tasted blood and I want more. So I could easily be sold on doing more than 5 hours of programming.”

Tony Khan was also disappointed with Warner Bro Discovery’s TV deal offer. Regardless, we will have to wait and see whether AEW will end up having more having hours worth of programming.

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