The death of WCW is always a huge topic of discussion as there are many factors that have gone into its demise. However, according to Jimmy Wang Yang it’s just one factor and that’s AOL.

While speaking to Steve Fall for Ringside News, former WCW star Jimmy Wang Yang was asked about what killed WCW in the end. According to him, it was AOL in general and he talked about the acquisition of Turner Broadcasting by AOL, where he highlighted a sentiment prevalent among some corporate entities—disregard for the essence of wrestling.

According to Yang, the acquisition led to a disconnect between the corporate heads and the wrestling community. He suggested that those in charge viewed wrestling, or ‘RASSLING’ as he termed it, with disdain, fostering an environment where wrestling was perceived as inferior or undesirable.

‘No, it’s just one thing, you know, like AOL they bought Turner Broadcasting, you know, like and they thought, what like, ah, just, you know, just the people that think wrestling is RASSLING like this, you know, look down at us and all that kind of stuff, and they didn’t want anything to do with wrestling. And that’s why they, they like, ‘F*** this company, we’re not wrestling no more,’ you know?


The departure of key figures such as Ted Turner, who harbored a genuine love for wrestling, marked a turning point. Yang reminisced about growing up watching wrestling on Turner’s TBS network, underlining the passion that once fueled the industry. However, with the arrival of new leadership, characterized by a perceived air of elitism emanating from Boston, the wrestling landscape underwent a major shift.

And that’s the thing, once Ted left because Ted was, he loved wrestling, I grew up on his wrestling TBS and all that kind of stuff, and then the new heads came in and they thought they were too snooty and from Boston. I just, I’m talking about like the Kennedys and the big, and they down it, you know, so of course, yeah.'”

The death of WCW will always be a shame for many as fans felt there could have been ways to revive it. Nevertheless, the ongoing ‘What Killed WCW?’ documentary is also delving deep into the same subject, so we’ll have to see who will be held responsible for WCW’s demise.

Who do you feel should be blamed for WCW’s demise? Let us know in the comments section below!

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