The May 28 edition of WWE NXT will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most spectacular shows in the history of the brand, culminating in a shocking and thrilling conclusion.

At the end of the main event, Lash Legend confronted NXT champion Trick Williams over the unknown attacks on his Meta-Four members, after his tag team victory with Je’Von Evans, accompanied by Sexyy Red, over The Gallus.

As Williams denied the allegations, the lights suddenly went out. When they came back on, Williams was attacked by popular wrestling star Ethan Page who made his first appearance for WWE NXT. Page revealed himself as the mastermind behind the earlier attacks and laid out Williams before hoisting the NXT title in the air, closing the show with a dramatic flourish.

According to WWE sources, Ethan Page has signed with the company, as confirmed by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and Corey Brennan. Page was not seen backstage during the day and did not participate in rehearsals, keeping his appearance a complete surprise.


It’s unclear whether Ethan Page received a release from his previous company, AEW, or if his contract had expired, but he had mentioned to industry insiders that he was aiming to become a free agent by late spring. When news of his departure broke, the former AEW star had hoped to keep it low-profile until he reappeared elsewhere, though it was uncertain if he meant WWE NXT specifically.

Furthermore, Ethan Page’s deal was finalized over the past week, and he made a secretive visit to the WWE Performance Center. Page is also the promoter for Alpha-1 Wrestling, though the future of that promotion remains uncertain. Lastly, sources within WWE expressed immediate satisfaction with his debut, and main roster insiders conveyed their excitement about Ethan Page joining the company.

“Ethan Page is in NXT WWE sources have claimed to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and Corey Brennan that Ethan Page has signed with WWE. Ethan Page was not seen backstage throughout the day, and was not present for the rehearsals. While we’re not sure if Page got his release or his AEW contract had expired, he’d told some in the industry that he was looking to be a free agent by the late spring. When word of his departure happened, we’d heard that he was hoping that it would go under the radar until “he appeared somewhere else,” though we aren’t sure if that meant NXT specifically. We’re told that Page’s deal was finalized over the last week and had a secretive WWE Performance Center visit over the last week. Page is the promoter for Alpha-1, though it’s unsure what the future holds for that promotion. Sources we spoke to were immediately pleased with his debut, and main roster sources reached out to communicate their excitement about him joining.”

With Ethan Page making a huge impression on his first night on WWE NXT, it seems that the seeds have been planted for his first feud to be against the NXT Champion himself, Trick Williams which could lead to a potential showdown in the near future.

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