Darby Allin suffered a foot injury earlier this year, which was further compounded by an accident where he was hit by bus. Despite these setbacks, he still competed at AEW Double or Nothing, where he got hurt quite a lot. A health update on his status has now been revealed.

The Anarchy in the Arena match at Double or Nothing kicked off with brutality, with stars brawling across every corner of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, from the crowd to backstage. In the final moments, Darby Allin set Jack Perry on fire after Perry involved Tony Khan in the chaos.

The Young Bucks then hung Allin upside down over the ring and struck his face with Reebok shoes embedded with thumbtacks, leaving Allin helplessly taking the punishment. The match, filled with some of the most dangerous spots ever seen, concluded with Jack Perry pinning Bryan Danielson. Naturally, fans were concerned about Darby Allin’s well-being after the match.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez provided a health update on Darby Allin’s nose after the brutal thumbtacks spot. It was noted that Allin got an MRI and was said to be physically fine. It was further added that Allin got the clear bill of health today itself.


“Darby, his nose was messed up during the match. They were worried that it might be broken again, but apparently, he had an MRI, and it’s alright. So that’s also good news. But was looking, you know, last night, his foot, I don’t think it’s any worse than it was going in. I mean, I don’t know what you saw on television, but you know, they, they hit his music. Initially, he started sprinting out from backstage. And then I think they realized ‘Whoa,’ and he starts limping bad. He was limping. I’m sure his foot is still hurting. But the thing was, you know, I think that you know when you hang somebody upside down, that can actually be super dangerous because all the blood starts rushing to your head. And you don’t want to be upside down for a long time. And here’s a guy with a busted up nose, with a broken nose upside down hanging, and it was probably excruciatingly painful, but apparently he got the clean bill today. So that’s good.”

Darby Allin also showed off the nasty wounds he suffered as a result of the thumbtacks spot. We will have to wait and see what’s next for Darby Allin following Team AEW’s shocking loss at AEW Double or Nothing. It’s quite clear that the storyline is far from over.

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