Arn Anderson is grateful for his time with AEW but has other plans ahead. Arn Anderson will be leaving AEW and appreciates the opportunities he had with the company.

Speaking on a live version of The ARN Show, The Enforcer revealed that his AEW contract expires on May 31, and he will be departing from the company. Arn expressed his deep gratitude for Tony Khan, praising him as a wonderful person and acknowledging the significant impact the AEW President has had on the wrestling industry by providing talent with an alternative place to work.

Anderson also discussed his future in wrestling, stating that he believes in the talent and ability of his son Brock Anderson, who is no longer with AEW. Arn wants to spend his remaining years in wrestling helping his son develop into a star.

Arn Anderson’s departure from AEW marks the end of an era, but his commitment to nurturing his son’s career promises an exciting new chapter. Fans can look forward to seeing how Arn’s experience and guidance will shape Brock Anderson’s journey in the wrestling world.


What are your thoughts on Arn Anderson’s departure from AEW and his plans to focus on helping his son Brock Anderson develop his wrestling career? How do you think this move will impact both Arn and Brock’s future in the wrestling industry? Share your insights and well-wishes for their new journey in the comment section below!

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