Amidst recent reports regarding negotiations between AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery for a new TV rights deal, AEW has refuted claims made by Puck, indicating that the initial offer presented by WBD was disappointing.

According to insights from Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, sources within AEW have conveyed that the initial offer did not fall short of Tony Khan’s expectations. However, it’s clarified that both parties are yet to finalize any agreement, with negotiations spanning across both TV and streaming platforms under the purview of WBD, not TNT Sports.

The report from Puck, attributed to Hollywood insider Matt Belloni, stirred speculation suggesting Khan’s dissatisfaction with WBD’s initial offer. Belloni’s sources hinted at an approaching exclusive negotiating window between AEW and WBD, slated for July. Additionally, the report underscored WBD’s interest, led by David Zaslav and Luis Silberwasser, in retaining all three AEW shows.

”I’m told the exclusive window closes in July, and AEW leader Tony Khan is said to be disappointed with the offer currently on the table. Khan also surely knows that Zaz losing the NBA would give AEW more leverage, even though the money to re-up AEW is a mere drop in the NBA bucket. If the window closes without a deal, others could swoop in for those rights, as Comcast has done with the NBA. (Extra awkward because WBD is said to own a stake in the league.)”


Following the dissemination of these reports, online scrutiny emerged regarding Belloni’s purported ties to WWE CEO Nick Khan, raising suspicions of potential bias or influence. It’s noted that Belloni has hosted Khan on his podcast previously, prompting speculation about the origins and motives behind the report. Notably, WWE’s engagements with WBD during their own TV rights negotiations have also fueled conjecture surrounding the context of these developments.

As discussions unfold and speculations swirl, the current AEW/WBD deal, believed to expire by year’s end, remains under scrutiny. With negotiations ongoing and various factors at play, the future landscape of AEW’s broadcasting arrangements continues to be a subject of keen interest and speculation within the wrestling community.

What are your thoughts on the conflicting reports about AEW’s TV rights negotiations with Warner Bros. Discovery? How do you think this situation will unfold, and what impact do you believe it will have on AEW’s future? Share your insights and predictions in the comment section below!

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