Liv Morgan has become a fan-favorite thanks to her insane hard work and dedication over the years. However, some feel she is too nice to her fans and so it’s no surprise she was approached by fans for autographs at an airport while looking visibly tired.

The issue of fans showing up at airports to meet pro wrestlers has become a recurring problem for several stars. While chance encounters are usually welcomed, a particular group of people now deliberately plan to be at the airport with a ton of merchandise, hoping to get the stars to sign them. These items are then later sold on eBay for a profit, causing frustration for the wrestlers.

Last year, a video of an unmasked Rey Mysterio found its way to social media. In the clip, Rey is seen rejecting fan’s request for an autograph at an airport. Of course, this fan was obviously trying to sell Mysterio’s autograph for profit. He wasn’t the only WWE Superstar to deal with this either as Rhea Ripley was hounded at an airport last year and she lashed out at such disrespectful fans.

As seen in a recent video, several fans approached Liv Morgan for autographs and photos. Morgan made it clear she would only sign them if they were personalized and while Morgan was definitely polite and listened to her fans’ request, it was evident she was quite tired after King and Queen of The Ring and simply wanted to be left alone.


Wrestlers are not obliged to entertain fan requests, and it entirely depends on the wrestler in question whether they want to sign anything. Regardless, there will always be a section of fans who feel entitled to get autographs and that’s unlikely to ever change.

Nevertheless, Liv Morgan is set for huge Women’s World Championship match against Becky Lynch on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, so we will have to wait and see how she will fare in the bout.

Do you feel Liv Morgan can be too nice to fans sometimes? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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