The Uncle Howdy storyline continues to unfold on, leaving fans speculating about Bo Dallas’s imminent return and the direction of his character. While details remain shrouded in mystery, recent clues dropped on the website hint at a compelling narrative in the making.

According to reports by PWInsider, it’s suggested that Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, and Erick Rowan will align with Bo Dallas’s character, known as Howdy.

A recent QR code found on leads to page designed to resemble a late 90’s website. Within this digital treasure trove, fans discover intriguing messages printed on paper.

One piece of paper reads, “Patience is the road to wisdom. Have you lost trust in me? Are you calling me a liar? Your arrogance! You know nothing!”


Another paper bears the cryptic words, “I am the one who hears the words of the red. I see the vision. We move when I say, not you.”

These enigmatic messages have led many fans on social media to speculate that Alexa Bliss may be involved in the unfolding storyline. While nothing is confirmed, the hints and clues dropped on only add to the anticipation surrounding Uncle Howdy’s return.

As the storyline continues to develop, fans eagerly await further revelations and twists in this intriguing saga. Ringside News will continue to provide our readers with updates as they become available.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing Uncle Howdy storyline and the potential involvement of Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, and Erick Rowan? How do you think Alexa Bliss might fit into this narrative, and what are your predictions for the direction of this intriguing saga? Share your excitement and speculations in the comment section below!

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