TNA Wrestling has often been cited as an excellent addition to the wrestling world with an immense fanbase and has produced countless superstars who have built the foundations of their careers in their enthralling landscape.

A young couple recently demonstrated their admiration for TNA Wrestling star Joe Hendry by naming their son after him. Micalah and Lucas Roberts welcomed their baby boy, Micah Gene Hendry Roberts, into the world and shared their story with the Daily Star.

The father, Lucas revealed that the couple divided the naming responsibilities, with his wife Micalah selecting the first name and Lucas choosing the middle name. As fans of Joe Hendry, they quickly embraced the Hendry name for their child.

“The name Hendry really resonated with us, and we decided to include it when naming our son. When we discovered that Micah would share his birthday with Joe, it felt like the perfect decision.”


The child’s middle name “Gene” was also chosen by Lucas, citing it as a tribute to Lucas’s father. Micah not only shares part of her name with Joe Hendry but also his birthday.

Elsewhere, Joe Hendry’s popularity has surged recently, with the Scottish wrestler winning over fans both old and new. His theme song, “I Believe in Joe Hendry,” reached the number one spot on the iTunes charts in several countries, even surpassing pop star Taylor Swift. Hendry’s humorous songs that mock his opponents have also gained traction.

Moreover, his growing fame extends beyond wrestling circles, increasing his visibility. This popularity boost could potentially lead to greater opportunities in the ring, with TNA Hall of Famer Bully Ray suggesting that TNA should consider giving Hendry a title run due to his widespread appeal which could also prove to be a masterstroke for the underrated promotion.

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