Logan Paul stands as one of the most recognizable celebrities globally, having achieved success in various endeavors. However, as the owner of PRIME energy drink, he regularly contends with numerous accusations. Recently, Paul addressed concerns regarding the health implications of his energy drink, especially regarding its impact on children.

As previously reported, Logan Paul’s sports drink called Prime Energy got ton of attention from the FDA. The focus of the investigation revolved around the drink’s high caffeine content, equivalent to that of six cans of Coca-Cola. Clearly, the energy drink is still in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, a video circulated on Instagram featuring Dr. Daniel Pompa alleging concerning levels of Forever Chemicals, also known as PFAS in PRIME energy drink, particularly raising concerns about its suitability for teenage consumers. In response, Logan Paul took to Instagram to address these allegations head-on.

Paul revealed that his team took swift action by sending a cease-and-desist letter to Dr. Pompa, contesting the claims made in the viral video. Additionally, Paul expressed the company’s consideration of pursuing legal action against the chiropractor for spreading what they deem to be misinformation that could potentially harm the reputation of the PRIME brand.


In his statement, Paul gave a ton of emphasis on the importance of ensuring accuracy and accountability in public discourse, especially when it comes to matters affecting consumer health and safety. He reiterated PRIME’s commitment to transparency and adherence to regulatory standards in their product development and manufacturing processes.

”Instagram Doctor WARNING!!? ⚠️😳”

This isn’t even the first time Logan Paul had to address such accusations in the past month. Nevertheless, The Maverick is always ready to defend his property and that’s all that matters to him.

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