The Rock’s recent WrestleMania run made a lot of headlines and was clearly a massive reason for WWE’s recent success. However, the Great One was forced to get out of the picture to shoot for his upcoming A24 movie, The Smashing Machine. 

The movie revolves around MMA fighter, Mark Kerr, and features the likes of Emily Blunt, Lyndsey Gavin, and more alongside the Brahma Bull. Set to release in 2025, the A24 movie’s first look was released by The Rock on his social media platforms recently. 

The first look featured the Rock as Mark Kerr in the corner of the ring looking completely unrecognizable. The movie’s production started today and has made a plethora of headlines with Dwayne Johnson’s astonishing look as the MMA fighter. While a documentary revolving around Mark Kerr was released by HBO a couple of decades ago, this movie from A24 got its motivation from their recent success with the Iron Claw. 

With the exceptional story of the former UFC Champion, the anticipation among fans to learn about him is massive. In addition to that, with the new look of Dwayne Johnson in the movie, the excitement for the movie’s release will clearly boost upwards. 


Are you surprised to see Dwayne Johnson’s new look for his upcoming movie, The Smashing Machine? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Ishaan Rathi

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