Jon Moxley first used the iconic song “Wild Thing” as his entrance theme back in 2021. He debuted The Troggs’ version of the song on May 12, 2021, during AEW Dynamite, where he faced Yuji Nagata in an impressive match. Following this, Moxley switched to the 1984 version performed by X.

However, Moxley was initially surprised by the music change. In an interview with RJ City on Hey! EW, he revealed that he originally thought they had played the flute solo from “Season of the Witch” by Donovan.

“One day, I thought they were playing [Donovan’s] ‘Season of the Witch’. I was like, why are they playing ‘Season of the Witch’ right now? But it wasn’t; it was the original ‘Wild Thing’. And I was like, I guess that’s my music now. But then they switched it to the, uh, like, the ‘Major League‘ version, which I love because I love that movie.”

Moxley also noted that “Wild Thing” feels more like Atsushi Onita’s entrance theme than his own. Onita, a legendary Japanese wrestler, is famously associated with the song, which adds to Moxley’s sense of it not being “his” music.


“I’ve done pretty good kind of trying to, you know, wear that piece as my own, but it’ll never truly be my song,” Moxley admitted.

He also discussed his mixed feelings about the pandemic-era crowd’s reaction to the song.

“At Daily’s Place, there was a crowd, but it was more like a gathering. I came out to that song for the first time, and they were singing along. But it was pandemic wrestling—they weren’t really singing; they were just covering their mouths. They were playing a part for television, and I’m like, this is weird.”

Despite his efforts to embrace the song, Moxley continues to see “Wild Thing” as more of a homage to Onita rather than a reflection of his own wrestling persona.

What are your thoughts on Jon Moxley’s entrance theme? Do you think “Wild Thing” fits his character, or should he switch to something that feels more personal? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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