Finn Balor has been one of the most exciting and captivating WWE superstars of this generation today. While he runs as a part of the Judgment Day crew, there was a demonic part of his persona that used to surface on numerous occasions in WWE.

Aside from his PrinXe personality now mixed with the colors of Judgment Day, Finn Balor often donned the ‘Demon’ persona for special and big-match occasions that enthralled the WWE Universe like no other for years.

Finn Balor last wrestled under the Demon gimmick at WrestleMania 39 against Edge inside Hell in a Cell. Since then, the WWE Universe has not witnessed Balor’s alter ego but it seems the wait could be over sooner than expected.

During the May 20 edition of Monday Night RAW, right before his and JD McDonagh’s match against Miz and R-Truth for the WWE World Tag Team titles, the entire Judgment Day was spotted in their locker room, and a demon Finn Balor artifact was kept alongside other items on display.


With a major hint dropped on RAW hinting at Finn Balor’s Demon persona, it will be exciting to see him resurface once again and capture the audience’s attention like only Demon Finn Balor can with his spectacular aura and presence.

Do you think this eastern egg could hint at Demon Finn Balor’s return in the future? Sound off in the comments!

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