Vince McMahon is certainly one of the most controversial figures in the history of professional wrestling. The man is truly larger than life in many ways and now a former WWE Superstar has revealed yet another Vince McMahon peculiarity.

The former Chairman of WWE had a lot of peculiarities about him that instantly made him the enemy of many people. In fact, McMahon has released many employees for the most bizarre of reasons.

While speaking to Steve Fall of Ringside News, Brian Blair reflected on his time working with Vince McMahon, admitting that the former WWE Chairman was always very honest with him.

”We always kept our business to ourselves,” he says. “We never wanted to know anybody else’s business unless they wanted to share. We kept everything tongue-in-cheek. Vince McMahon had always been very honest with me throughout my career.”


Blair recalled a particular match with Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff in St. Louis. At that time, Vince McMahon was an announcer. Chief Jay Strongbow approached both Blair and Orndorff, informing them that “Caesar”—Strongbow’s nickname for Vince Jr.—wanted to speak with them. Blair was concerned because Vince McMahon disapproved of low blows, and Blair had inadvertently hit Orndorff in the crotch during the match.

”I remember having a match with Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff in St. Louis. At that time, Vince was an announcer, and Chief Jay Strongbow came up to me and went to Paul as well. He said that Caesar wanted to speak to us. Caesar was Chief’s nickname for Vince Jr. I thought we were in trouble because Vince didn’t like ball shots, and I had dropped Paul in the crotch. As soon as I saw Paul in the hall, he looked at me and said, ‘Man, we had a hell of a long match. What’s wrong?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’

They knocked on Vince McMahon’s door, and to their surprise, McMahon opened it with uncharacteristic enthusiasm and he was telling Blair and Orndorff how it was the best match he had ever seen.

”We knocked on the door, Vince opened it, and he’s not a huggy-feely guy, not a touchy guy. He grabbed us, put his arms around us, and said, ‘God dang, that was the best match I’ve ever seen. I swear, that was the best match I’ve ever seen in my life.’ He was just so exuberant and so excited. It was amazing. After that, I thought, wow, this is my buddy. He’s never going to not be truthful with me. But you know, things change, and plus, there are two of you, so you’ve got two personalities to deal with.'”

Vince McMahon also detests gray hairs, among other things. Regardless, McMahon’s peculiarities will always make headlines, even though he’s currently tied up in trafficking lawsuit.

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