Attorneys representing Vince McMahon have submitted a new “Statement of Material Facts” as part of their efforts to bolster their motion to compel arbitration in the ongoing sexual misconduct case involving Janel Grant.

In the document, McMahon’s legal team asserts that the facts presented are undisputed and also reserves the right to introduce additional evidence related to witness credibility, sophistication, state of mind, and other pertinent issues.

Key points highlighted in the court document include:

  • Plaintiff Janel Grant and McMahon had a three-year relationship that concluded around January 2022.
  • Throughout their relationship, Grant resided in the same luxury apartment building as McMahon.
  • Following the end of their relationship, both parties entered into a Confidential Settlement Agreement, General Release, and Covenant Not to Sue.
  • Before involving their respective attorneys in negotiating the agreement, Grant herself negotiated the monetary compensation, increasing it from an initial offer of $1,000,000 to $3,000,000.
  • Legal representation was secured for both parties during the drafting and negotiation of the agreement, with Jonathan M. Shapiro representing Grant and Jerry S. McDevitt representing McMahon.

On May 13, Vince McMahon and his legal team filed new memorandum opposing Janel Grant’s motion to strike McMahon’s preliminary statement from the motion to compel arbitration. In the filing, McMahon refutes Grant’s claims, including those related to sex trafficking, emotional abuse, and sexual assault.

For more detailed information, readers can access the full court document.


Given the latest developments in Vince McMahon’s legal battle with Janel Grant, what are your thoughts on the assertions made by McMahon’s legal team regarding their relationship, the Confidential Settlement Agreement, and Grant’s negotiation of the monetary compensation? How do you think these developments will impact the ongoing case? Share your insights and perspectives in the comments below.

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