Former WWE star John Morrison, known for his dynamic in-ring performances and multiple monikers throughout his career, recently shed light on a fascinating aspect of his WWE debut – the story behind his original ring name and the cease and desist order that prompted a change.

In a discussion with former NXT announcer McKenzie Mitchell, Morrison revealed that WWE initially intended for him to debut under the ring name Jonny Blaze. However, their plans hit a roadblock when both Marvel and iconic rapper Method Man served the company a cease and desist warning, citing copyright infringement concerns related to the Ghost Rider character.

Recalling his WWE debut and the challenges with his ring name, Morrison shared, “I started off as Johnny Blaze and introduced myself to Stone Cold Steve Austin as Johnny Blaze. We quickly got a cease and desist from Method Man and Ghost Rider, because it’s copyrighted.”

Following the cease and desist, Morrison underwent a series of name changes, including Johnny Spade, before eventually settling on Johnny Nitro as a tribute to Eric Bischoff, who served as his mentor at the time. Despite the multiple changes, Morrison expressed a preference for consistency in his ring name throughout his career.


Reflecting on his WWE run as Johnny Nitro, Morrison acknowledged that while he would have preferred to keep one name throughout his career, the character itself didn’t fully resonate with him. Despite this, he has fond memories of his time using the WCW Nitro theme song during his entrances.

Currently competing in AEW under the moniker Johnny TV, Morrison continues to captivate audiences with his athleticism and charisma, proving that no matter the name, his talent shines through.

What do you think about the challenges wrestlers face in establishing their identities, particularly when it comes to their ring names? How important do you think a wrestler’s name is to their overall persona and success in the industry? Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below!

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