While WWE has been showcasing some of the most intriguing and exciting matches in the past few months, things were a lot funnier before that. While R-Truth’s return has added the essence of comedy into the mix, the Maximum Male Models seemingly tried to do something similar during their time.

Though the faction didn’t turn out to be a massive hit during their run, a segment involving Braun Strowman and the duo of Mace and Mansoor lives rent free in more than a millions heads. Back in 2022, Braun Strowman ran through the Maximum Male Models during an episode of Smackdown. 

While the segment was a hit in itself, it was planned to have more. During a recent interview with Ringside News’ Steve Fall, Mace (now known as Mason Madden), revealed a hilarious story of how things went haywire and the segment turned out to be a bit different that Triple H had originally planned. 

The former WWE star revealed that Strowman was expected to wait for the duo to turn around before running through them and then eat a ham sandwich which was in his hand. However, the Strowman Express ran early and the sandwich got lost in the crowd, altering what the Game had in plans. 


“The original plan for that spot was that we were going to walk out, his music was going to hit, we were going to get that reaction shot—which I see every week, everybody sends me the gif every week—and we were going to slowly turn around. Then he was going to bow over us. But if you watch the video back, he does not wait for us to turn around, and he just bows over us. So, we got sort of blown out, and what was funny is, in that segment, I had a lunchbox, and the whole segment was based around this lunchbox.”

“So, if you go back and look, I’m holding this lunchbox which has a ham sandwich in it. Now, I’m a vegetarian, but I had this ham sandwich. I was walking to the ring, and he was supposed to knock us over, take the ham sandwich, and then Power Bomb, I think, Mansoor or LA Knight. He was going to take a bite out of the sandwich from the lunch that he stole from me. But because he could, he blew us up prematurely, I lose the sandwich. The lunchbox goes flying into the crowd, and for the entire rest of the segment, I’m crawling around, looking for the lunchbox. Then, I look in the crowd, and somebody’s like, ‘It’s over there.’ I was like, ‘Give it back to me.’ Then Braun walks back over to me. He’s looking for the lunchbox because it was very important that he ate this sandwich before this Power Bomb, and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, it’s gone.'”

Though the sandwich part ended up getting cancelled, the segment turned out to be hilarious with millions still remembering the explosion between Strowman and the duo. Ringside News will keep you updated with the latest news from the wrestling world.

What do you think of the segment where Braun Strowman ran through the Maximum male Models a couple of years ago? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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