Alexa Bliss has been absent from television since announcing her pregnancy last year. However, she continues to contend with numerous imposter accounts impersonating her on social media platforms. Recently, Bliss directly confronted one such imposter account.

After many months of waiting, Alexa Bliss finally gave birth to her daughter last year. Alexa Bliss’ daughter’s birth also had very fascinating coincidence behind it for good measure.

During Alexa Bliss’s absence from WWE television, fake accounts have seized the opportunity to exploit her name, engaging in scams and deceptive activities. While she awaits her return, these imposters still continue taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals and even companies.

Little Miss Bliss took to Twitter and exposed another account impersonating her, named @BlissWwe62313. Bliss responded to the official account of Dyson and revealed that the account swiped her previous post and was pretending to be her.


”Sorry @Dyson this isn’t me – I am having problems with my Dyson. But this acct is just pretending to be me & swiped my post. They are a troll. I did however send you a DM already about my Dyson. Just waiting on a reply / thank you!”

The former RAW Women’s Champion took it a step further and told the impersonator to stop using her name and trying to scam companies like Dyson, adding that they should apologize.

And you need to apologize to @Dyson for swiping my post & trying to scam them

This isn’t even the first time Alexa Bliss had to deal with imposter accounts and it might not be the last either. Nevertheless, we do hope Bliss doesn’t have to deal with such nuisances in the future.

Are you shocked such a thing still happens to Alexa Bliss? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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