There are numerous legends and names who have associated themselves to the wrestling industry after retiring from the ring. One of the biggest names among them is the Undertaker. The Deadman has kept himself busy being a part of his own podcast, Six Feet under, which has turned out to be a massive success in the last few months. 

Not only that, but he also hosts his 1DeadMan show occasionally, which I remember getting a glance at from the doors which turned out to be the Undertaker’s new home. However, though he has been doing good with his face in front of the camera, he has still not got a hang of it. 

Speaking on a recent edition of the Busted Open Radio, the Deadman revealed that he wasn’t sure if he should still do it. Though he didn’t complain about it being different from what he used to do, he stated that he was just warming up at that time.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. I’m still not sure I wanna do it. I’m kind of coming late to the podcast game. When you’re doing everything in the WWE machine, everything is pretty simple. Now we’re having to do everything on our own. I’m trying to find that passion now that the wrestling part is over for me. We’ll see. I’m warming up to it a little bit.”


The Undertaker also revealed his hesitation of continuing his podcast on a stage like YoutTube. The Deadman stated that he wasn’t sure talking about the business aspect of the industry which made him difficult to express himself. 

“I still have a hard time talking about the business in an open forum. That’s probably the biggest thing. I somewhat am competing with myself as far as the 1 deadMAN show. The biggest thing is probably my memory. People will ask me the most random questions about the most random matches in the word like I’m supposed to remember who I worked with in Scranton, PA in 1993. I’m like yeah I got nothing for ya.”

While The Undertaker might not like his own podcast or YouTube channel, fans have been loving the new stories and interesting comments made by the Deadman. Ringside News will keep you updated with the latest news about WWE. 

Do you think The Undertaker should hesitate about continuing his podcast? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ishaan Rathi

Ishaan has been a follower of wrestling for more than a decade now. His passion to learn new things and enhance his skills has helped him get experience as a writer at websites like GiveMeSport and Fansided. He has also held content manager and editorial roles in FirstSportz before. Apart from wrestling, Ishaan seeks to take time and watch movies and TV shows.

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