Rey Mysterio stands as a seasoned veteran in the professional wrestling realm, commanding admiration and respect throughout his illustrious career. With over three decades dedicated to the craft, Mysterio’s impact on the industry is immeasurable, earning him a rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Attentive to his physical well-being, The Master of the 619 closely monitors how his body responds to the rigors of wrestling at the age of 49. As long as his coordination and overall health remain steadfast, he sees no reason to hang up his mask anytime soon as revealed in recent interview when asked about reconsidering his retirement timeline.

On the other hand, Rey Mysterio is a huge family man, being a tremendous husband to his wife, Angie, and both children, Aliyah and Dominik, despite onscreen tensions with his estranged son.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently took to his Instagram to drop a compilation of photos with Angie in celebration of their 28th marriage anniversary. Rey Mysterio penned down a heartfelt message for his beloved wife, crediting the importance of her presence in his life and promising to love her until death parts them away.


“Congratulations love of my life 😍 for
28 years married and 34 years in total together!!
First God and then you, without you I would not have the career I have… without you I would not have the children we have and without you I would feel lost in this world. Thank you for being my companion… thank you for your advice and always being with me when I needed you… thank you for your total dedication without question and always loving me unconditionally. I love you until death and after and I will always be 1000% with you.
Happy 28th Anniversary baby!!

On his professional front, Mysterio is fresh off huge victory alongside Andrade against Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar at WrestleMania 40. Being the leader of the LWO at the moment, Mysterio’s future in the squared circle holds boundless possibilities. Fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for the legendary luchador as he continues to defy the odds and captivate audiences with his high-flying prowess.

What are your thoughts on Rey Mysterio’s heartfelt message for his wife on their wedding anniversary? Sound off in the comments!

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