Montez Ford remains a popular WWE Superstar and is renowned for his athleticism. In fact, he has hinted at a possible move to the UFC. He recently disclosed that he’s discussed competing in the UFC with WWE President Nick Khan.

The prospect of WWE Superstars making their way to the UFC battleground is not something new, as the likes of CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have all ventured into the world of MMA.

In an interview with ComicBook while promoting C4 Energy, Montez Ford discussed his interest in mixed martial arts. He revealed that his military background includes extensive hand-to-hand combat training.

“I don’t think people know, but yes, I was in the military and I was also a brown, almost a black belt in the military as well,” Ford said. “So not only do I have hand-to-hand combat experience, but I also have life experience.”


Montez Ford has shared his MMA aspirations with the WWE locker room, including his stablemate Bobby Lashley. Ford mentioned that Lashley, who has a background in mixed martial arts, supports his ambitions.

“Bobby said I would do exceedingly well, especially because he knows my training regimen and my drive,” Ford explained. “He knows that with some assistance in that area, I should do exceedingly well. I can throw hands with anybody here backstage, including this one (Angelo Dawkins). I don’t get tired, unlike some people. I’m very motivated to do so.”

Montez Ford’s interest in mixed martial arts has reached WWE President Nick Khan, who has expressed enthusiasm for crossover opportunities between WWE and UFC. Ford shared that he’s ready to be part of those crossovers if the opportunity arises.

“I even told Nick Khan, ‘Hey, I know you’re doing all these crossovers, but if you need somebody to do another crossover and step into the octagon, I’ll be that guy.'”

Nevertheless, only time will tell whether Ford will actually be able to compete in the UFC one day. With WWE and UFC being under the TKO umbrella, the possibility is certainly there.

Do you want to see Montez Ford competing in the UFC? Will you feel he has any chance in a fight? Sound off in the comments section below!

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