Dominik Mysterio is regarded as one of the most despised WWE superstars of this generation. But long before he joined the ranks of Judgment Day, he was Rey Mysterio’s beloved son and recently scratched a false claim in regards to his now estranged father.

A user on X tweeted that The Master of the 619 was actor Robert Englund’s stunt double in the 2003 film Freddy vs Jason. However, Dominik Mysterio stepped right into the conversation and took to his X to respond with a GIF claiming it to be a false report.


Of course, the rivalry between father and son, Rey and Dominik Mysterio has been evident in the WWE landscape for the last few years when Dominik joined Judgment Day and embraced a much darker persona, turning his back on his father.


The duo collided in a one-on-one bout at WrestleMania 39 and the following year at WrestleMania 40 in a tag team match, where Rey teamed up with Andrade El Idolo to emerge victorious over his son and his tag partner, Santos Escobar.

Moreover, Rey Mysterio alongside his LWO faction now finds themselves on the same brand as Dominik Mysterio on RAW due to the WWE Draft 2024. While Dominik is currently injured, it seems that another chapter might be on the cards for the highly acclaimed father-son feud in WWE with both of them now a part of the same roster.

What are your thoughts on Dominik Mysterio scratching a false report about his father Rey Mysterio? Sound off in the comments!

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