Adam Copeland is widely recognized as one of the most seasoned and skilled veterans in the wrestling industry. After spending a remarkable 25 years with the global juggernaut WWE, the former Edge made a significant move to WWE’s rival competitor, AEW, making his debut at the spectacular event, WrestleDream, which was hailed for its unforgettable moments.

However, in recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Copeland shed light on an important anecdote on the last of WWE’s premier show he competed on, WrestleMania 39 in a match against “Demon” Finn Balor in a Hell in a Cell.

At the time, Adam Copeland donned the persona of “Brood Edge” and had pitched an idea to have former Brood stablemate, Gangrel accompany him for his last WrestleMania match, only to get shut down under the belief that no one would remember the blood-drinking WWE Legend.

“I tried. I just got shut down. Every person shut it down. This isn’t a knock on WWE but I’d always get the ‘nobody remembers’. I’m like, people remember, wrestling fans remember and wrestling fans want to be rewarded for remembering, and that’s a way to reward them.”


Moreover, he dismissed the belief by bringing up his match with Matt Cardona in AEW where fans did remember Gangrel, and calling himself a fan of nostalgia.

“Fast foward to me and Matt Cardona doing a cope open, they remembered. So I’ve always been a fan of pulling in things from the past and integrating them into current things, but that was one that I kept getting shut down and realised it wasn’t a hill to die on, because it wasn’t gonna happen.”

Following the end of his WWE run, Copeland had begun talks with AEW and made the decision to join them, which has signified a renewed dedication to his craft and a commitment to exploring new avenues for creative expression within the dynamic realm of professional wrestling.

Do you think Gangrel accompanying Brood Edge at WrestleMania 39 would have been a good idea? Sound off in the comments!

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