The Undertaker is revered as one of the most iconic WWE Superstars in history. The Phenom boasts an impressive array of accomplishments that have solidified his status as a legendary WWE star across various eras.

Among his many achievements, one that stood out prominently was his undefeated streak at WrestleMania, a feat that elevated his popularity to unprecedented heights. Recently, The Last Outlaw shared a lighthearted anecdote involving former USA President Donald Trump during WrestleMania 29.

During recent appearance on his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker recounted a humorous incident that occurred during his match with CM Punk after weeks of an excellent buildup that even rumored some beef between them. As The Deadman lay on the announcer’s table, as Punk got ready to deliver the elbow drop, he couldn’t help but notice his friend David’s unmistakably large head in the crowd.

Behind David sat the Billionaire Donald Trump, who was not the President at the time and, much to his amusement, was attempting to peer around David’s sizeable cranium to catch a glimpse of the action.


“I give David a lot of crap about his head being so big,” The Undertaker chuckled. “It’s a big melon, right? Well, there’s a picture during the course of the match where you can see David in the background. But the funny part is, behind David is Donald Trump, trying to look around his head to see… David doesn’t cast shadows everywhere, but that, yeah, he was beside himself.”

Despite The Streak eventually coming to an end at the hands of Brock Lesnar the following year, even when it was believed to should have been broken by other stars, its legacy endures as an iconic chapter in WWE history, forever entwined with moments like these, even involving the former President of the United States in a comedic manner.

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