Top indie star Giulia made her first WWE appearance at NXT Stand & Deliver, signifying a significant milestone in her career trajectory. Moreover, she spent a great amount of time in the indies including NJPW, and gave her view on the difference upon arriving in WWE.

During a recent interview with Yahoo! Japan, the newest WWE signee stated that it was a completely different scale to witness WWE’s premier show, WrestleMania 40 calling it an overwhelming feeling.

She further outlined the difference between wrestling in front of 3,000 people in Japan against feeling the passion of over 80,000 in attendance for The Show of Shows, with competing on that stage now a possibility for Guilia after signing with WWE.

“I was overwhelmed at WrestleMania. A completely different scale. It was epic, I was moved, and it was the same backstage. 80,000 people roared and cheered. It’s great to wrestle in Japan in front of 3,000 people, but when I saw WM, I couldn’t be satisfied and I wanted to continue with that feeling.”


According to insights from Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, current expectations indicate Giulia’s dual commitments to both WWE and Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion, Marigold.

Looking ahead, plans suggest Giulia will eventually relocate to Florida with her family, aligning with her continued involvement in Marigold and its major events. The aim is for her to balance her NXT responsibilities in Florida as the evolving partnership between WWE and Marigold remains a focal point, underscored by Giulia’s central role in the collaborative endeavor.

Do you think Guilia will be able to adapt to the difference of competing on the biggest stage in the world offered by WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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