The latest edition of Monday Night RAW witnessed a significant escalation in the heated rivalry between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre. The tension between the two reached a critical juncture with Punk’s cutting remarks and McIntyre’s fiery retort. Now, it has escalated to a huge warning by The Scottish Warrior.

On Monday Night RAW, things took a dramatic turn following the announcement of McIntyre’s withdrawal from the King of the Ring tournament due to medical clearance issues. backstage, tensions boiled over as McIntyre clashed with RAW General Manager Adam Pearce before hastily departing in his car. In an unexpected twist, CM Punk made surprise appearance, coincidentally arriving at the same location moments later.

Seizing the opportunity, Punk took to the ring and launched his verbal tirade at his rival. McIntyre responded on social media by setting fire to CM Punk-signed photo he had acquired the previous week, symbolically casting its ashes to the ground.

In another video posted on X, McIntyre openly reflected on the events on RAW for the last few weeks. He stated that CM Punk was the actual coward who was playing hide and seek with him as part of his orchestrated plan and was afraid to confront him one-on-one. Drew also revealed that he came to the arena after hearing about Punk’s arrival on X but he left again.


In the end, Drew McIntyre laid out a warning to The Best in the World that should he appear in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, possibly for the festivities leading up to WWE’s PLE next month, Clash at the Castle, there would be huge repercussions and Punk would not leave in one single piece.

“If you actually turn up to Glasgow … you are not going to leave in one piece.”

With new developments taking place in the CM Punk Drew McIntyre feud, fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their evolving narrative that could possibly have an interesting angle in Glasgow as hinted by The Scottish Warrior himself.

Do you think CM Punk will show up in Glasgow despite Drew McIntyre’s warning? Sound off in the comments!

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