Mick Foley is regarded for his legendary wrestling career which was marked by numerous injuries and health challenges. Despite living in pain for years, Foley has been seen in different capacity roles inside and outside WWE.

Recently, the WWE Hall of Famer was spotted officiating the wedding ceremony of his two friends, popular musician Nita Strauss to her manager, Josh Villalta held in the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

Foley expressed gratitude for being a part of their special occasion on Instagram alongside outlining everybody who was involved in making their wedding a memorable event for both Nita and Josh.



Here’s a line of dialogue I did not have on my bingo card: “Now, doing a reading from 1st Corinthians…Alice and Sheryl Cooper”. On Saturday night, I was given the great honor of officiating the wedding of two dear friends – @thejoshv and @hurricanenita, who set the bar very high for all weddings to come. Not only was the ceremony held in Hollywood’s beautiful Roosevelt Hotel, but the reception featured amazing musical numbers from @alicecooper himself, with blistering solos from Nita in her wedding dress, along with killer performances from @disturbed frontman @davidmdraiman with bassist @johnmoyerbass, @DeadlandsBand vocalist @kaseykarlsen, @ddlovato band members @leannebowesbass &
@brittanynicolebowman – and a host of other incredibly talented musicians.

…have a nice day!

In a positive turn regarding his health, Mick Foley shared an update on his health via his YouTube channel, expressing significant improvement after suffering concussion recently. He likened his recovery to resurfacing after being underwater, indicating a welcome relief from the aftermath of the injury.

Fans were possibly relieved to hear of his progress and hope for his continued health and happiness. Moreover, Mick Foley being a part of a wedding as an officiator surely indicates the fact that Foley is living a happy, healthy, and prosperous life nowadays.

What are your thoughts on Mick Foley officiating the wedding ceremony of Nita Strauss and Josh Villalta? Sound off in the comments!

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