Bray Wyatt returned to WWE during Extreme Rules back in 2022 and fans couldn’t have been happier. However, Wyatt passed away last year and left behind a legacy that will forever remain untouched. With that said, Bray Wyatt was told he would get fired in NXT if he didn’t create a new gimmick there.

Bray Wyatt was once part of NXT, where he was known as Husky Harris, but he was never able to get over with the fans during that time. It would take him a few years but he finally came up with his Eater of Worlds gimmick and truly revolutionized the business back in 2013.

While speaking to Ringside News, former WWE Superstar Viktor of The Ascension talked about being in the first promo class with Bray Wyatt. Vickor recalled the time when Bray Wyatt was under intense pressure to bring something new to the table every week in NXT. Wyatt was told that he needed to consistently introduce fresh ideas, or he would get fired.

”I can remember at that time because they had told him [Bray Wyatt] he had to bring something new like every week—like he had to basically do something new until they found it, or else he was going to be fired.”


According to Vickor, WWE always did such things and created a stressful environment for talent. Even when he was sent back down to developmental, he continued to deliver performances that stood out, eventually earning his way back to the main roster.

”And I think he only had like a month to do it or something because they used to like doing things like that to people down there. It always makes you feel really good, yeah, when you get those reviews, or you know, I guess in his case, he was sent back down there for a while, and then they did that. But he did a couple of other things, but I mean he was so talented as it was, like he couldn’t really not get up there and entertain us, no matter what it was.'”

Bray Wyatt’s profound influence on the wrestling world will be commemorated for generations and him creating an entirely different gimmick for himself was simply proof of his genius.

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