Austin Theory is steadily building his reputation as one of WWE’s up-and-coming talents. He even had a memorable segment with The Rock last year and it appears Theory isn’t done beefing with The Great One, as he just called him out for being insecure.

During the September 15, 2023 episode of SmackDown, Austin Theory confronted returning Pat McAfee. It was then followed by The Rock returning after almost four years and immediately shutting down Theory on the microphone. The Rock then hit his signature spinebuster and People’s Elbow on Theory for good measure.

While speaking to the Ten Count Media, Austin Theory commented on his encounter with The Rock. According to him, The Rock’s return was not about saving Pat McAfee, who had previously defeated Theory with a quick roll-up at WrestleMania. Instead, Theory believes The Rock came back to WWE because he wanted to regain his fame and importance.

“The Rock did come back and he did hit me with an elbow, but let’s review that situation. Pat McAfee—that’s his boy, right? And Pat McAfee, we’ve got a history. Yeah, he got lucky at WrestleMania; he got a little roll-up and beat me real quick. But he knew that when I walked out there, he knew it was over. He knew I was going to put him in his place. But what happened? Dwayne showed up, but not to save Pat McAfee. Dwayne showed up because he wanted to be famous again. He wanted to be important in WWE.”


Theory noted that during their interaction, he was the one to put The Rock in his place. He also claimed that he did something no one’s ever done before, which was using The Rock’s catchphrase against him before The Rock could do it himself. He claimed this made The Rock insecure and he called out The Great One for that.

”So who did he interrupt? Austin Theory. And then what happened? I put him in his place, and I did something that nobody’s ever done—I stole his catchphrase and I hit him with it before he could hit me with it. So then what? He got insecure. He started freaking out, he started doing the weird Rock stuff, and then he hit me with an elbow, and that’s what happened.'”

Austin Theory also issued challenge to The Rock in the past. It remains to be seen if Theory and The Great One will cross paths again, as that might still happen somewhere down the line.

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