Steph De Lander, known for her time in WWE as Persia Pirotta, has made a significant impact in the independent wrestling scene. Since her departure from WWE, she’s competed in a variety of promotions, including TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Game Changer Wrestling, often alongside Matt Cardona. Recently, she confirmed her contractual status with TNA.

Steph De Lander has been active in TNA Wrestling, leading to speculation about her contract status with the promotion. In recent interview with Fightful, De Lander confirmed that she remains a free agent, emphasizing that while she enjoys the flexibility of being independent, she’s not opposed to signing a deal if it aligns with her goals and the terms are favorable.

“I am still a free agent. Yes, yeah. It definitely suits me right now to be independent. But, I guess, we’ll see how everything unfolds. I’m not against signing anywhere. It’s just, as Matt says, the money has to be right and it has to align with what I want to do. So, yeah, we’ll see what happens over the next six months or so. But for now I’m still a free agent, which is an exciting place to be.”

De Lander elaborated on her current involvement with TNA, mentioning that her initial work with the promotion involved collaborations with Matt Cardona, her frequent tag team partner and fellow independent star. She discussed her evolving relationship with TNA, indicating that her first experience with the promotion was early last year, where she worked a loop, allowing her to establish connections. The recent change in TNA’s leadership, with Scott D’Amore stepping back, has shifted the dynamics, but she’s still open to exploring future opportunities.


De Lander mentioned that she will be appearing at TNA’s Under Siege event in Albany, as well as a subsequent TV taping. Beyond that, her continued involvement with TNA will depend on various factors, including her availability and the direction the promotion wishes to take.

“I worked for them last year at the very start of last year and kind just of dipped my toes in, did one loop. So I met everyone then and created those connections. But obviously now, with Scott not being there, it’s slightly different and the people you speak to are different. But, in my case, pre-Matt’s injury, all of my stuff was including Matt. So I went through him. Matt just messaged me and was like, ‘Hey, TNA want to use us for X, Y, Z. What do you think?’ We spoke about it and he dealt with the logistics of that. Now that things have changed and Matt is hurt, and obviously since being there on the weekend for me now is more of a direct line, but at the start it was Matt coming to me with the idea. He had spoken to them and then going from there.

So I will be there in Albany for Under Siege and also a TV taping. From there it’s kind of, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ The other thing too, honestly, with all this kind of stuff, it comes down to availability, and Matt and I have a very full calendar. So, yeah, it’s what works for me, what works for them and hopefully we can come up with something great.”

Despite the challenges, De Lander’s success on the independent circuit demonstrates her resilience and talent, proving that she can thrive outside the confines of major promotion. As she continues to carve her path in professional wrestling, we’ll have to see whether she will become a champion in TNA Wrestling soon enough.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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