Roman Reigns became dominant force in WWE, captivating audiences with his compelling charisma and powerful leadership as the head of “The Bloodline.” His presence extends beyond the wrestling ring, resonating with fans and influencing popular culture. Reigns’ character is so impactful that it has inspired a unique form of tribute—a fan recently themed their wedding around “The Bloodline,” demonstrating the profound admiration and connection many fans feel towards his persona. Paul Heyman has now reacted to the same wedding.

Roman Reigns has become such a monumental figure in WWE that it’s not surprising to see fans incorporating his character into significant life events. Recently, a couple took their admiration for “The Head of the Table” to the next level by hosting Roman Reigns-themed wedding.

In this unique celebration, the husband took on the role of Roman Reigns, complete with lifting both the WWE and Universal Titles while Reigns’ theme song played in the background. His bride portrayed Paul Heyman, Reigns’ trusted advisor and advocate, adding to the authenticity of the theme.

The Wiseman of The Bloodline took to Twitter and acknowledged The Bloodline-themed wedding as he noted weddings centered around The Bloodline are becoming the hottest trend of 2024.


”This is becoming the hottest #wedding #trend in #2024! #TheTribalChief @WWERomanReigns @HeymanHustle #Bloodline @WWE #WWEonFox @USANetwork”

This also isn’t the first time fan had a Roman Reigns-themed wedding either. Roman Reigns stands as one of the most influential figures in professional wrestling today, so it’s not surprising that he has inspired fans to theme their weddings around his iconic persona. His presence in the WWE universe has left a lasting mark, with fans celebrating his leadership, dominance, and unique style.

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