The backstage reaction from people in both WWE and AEW to Tony Khan calling WWE the “Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling” has sparked a range of responses within the wrestling industry. In light of this, WWE’s reaction to Khan’s remarks has been revealed.

At the NFL draft, Tony Khan, who has a reputation for being forthright and has had past conflicts with WWE, made a bold comparison by referring to AEW as the “Pepsi” of professional wrestling, acknowledging WWE’s dominance in the industry. He then took a sharp turn by comparing WWE to Harvey Weinstein, the notorious former Hollywood executive known for his scandals and disgrace.

“AEW, we’ve been doing this for five years, we are the most successful sports start-up since the AFL, pre-merger. There has not been a challenger brand that has gained as much market share as AEW in many many years. We are like the Pepsi of pro wrestling. We’re up against an evil juggernaut. WWE is our competitor, that’s who we’re facing. AEW, like the Pepsi of pro wrestling. WWE is like the Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling. I’m really proud of what we do down here.”

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez shared insights from conversations he had with individuals from both WWE and AEW regarding Tony Khan’s controversial comments. According to Alvarez, while WWE personnel unsurprisingly found Khan’s remarks to be absurd, he also heard similar sentiments from some within AEW.


Alvarez highlighted that individuals in AEW expressed reservations about Khan’s characterization of WWE as an “evil company.” Even those with connections to WWE through friendships or past affiliations took exception to the sweeping generalization. Alvarez emphasized that while Vince McMahon may not be free from criticism, labeling the entire company as “evil” is overly simplistic and inaccurate.

“I talked to people in both companies, and I will say this about what he said… I can tell you from talking to people in AEW – obviously, the WWE people thought it was ridiculous that he said it – but I heard people in AEW saying the same thing. A lot of it.”

“When people in WWE, and when people in AEW, who have a lot of friends in WWE, see Tony accusing the entire company – ‘The entire company is evil, we are battling an evil company’ – a lot of people take exception to that. The truth is in the middle. It is not only Vince [McMahon], but it is certainly not the entire company.”

Eric Bischoff also slammed Tony Khan for his Harvey Weinstein remarks. NFL’s internal reaction to Khan’s comments about WWE have also been revealed. Nonetheless, Khan’s remarks made headlines, which was likely his target.

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