Max Caster of The Acclaimed used to be a fan favorite in AEW due to his impressive rapping skills but things have changed now. In fact, Caster has been getting criticism because of his raps and Caster has made it clear he doesn’t care if he offends people with his rapping.

Caster is equally known for his controversial pre-match raps on AEW programming, which have sometimes landed him in hot water. He was once suspended for a rap that referenced sensitive topics, including Simone Biles’ mental health, the Duke Lacrosse rape accusations, and fake PCR tests.

In a recent video on Isiah Kassidy’s YouTube channel, Kassidy and Max Caster discussed Caster’s approach to his on-screen raps. Kassidy mentioned that Caster’s lack of a filter is part of what makes him unique. Caster explained that he draws inspiration from artists like Kanye West and Dave Chappelle, who are known for pushing boundaries and standing by their words. He likened his style to stand-up comedy, suggesting that while some jokes might offend people, many find them humorous.

According to Caster, wrestling can often be about seeking audience approval, but he believes that genuine artists don’t shy away from expressing themselves, even if it means offending some people. He described his philosophy as “as long as it’s funny, I’m good with it.”


“I think it’s important to do that. A lot of wrestling is based on, can I get people to like me? If you try too hard and you go out there and you say, ‘Please love me, please love me,’ it’s cool, it’s okay. We can try all the tricks, and here’s a pyro, or here’s some new gear, a flashy look, new song. But I feel like the best artists are the ones who will say something and stand by it. So I’m talking Kanye, Dave Chapelle, these are the guys that are the top of their game. So I take a lot of inspiration from that. What I do, a lot of it is kind of stand-up comedy, and a comedian can go up there, tell a joke, might offend some people, but a lot of people think it’s funny. So as long as it’s funny, I’m good with it.”

Max Caster was also suspended following his controversial rap at AEW Dynasty. Nonetheless, Max Caster will continue to be true to himself and that is unlikely to ever change.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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