This year’s edition of WWE’s premier show, WrestleMania 40 left an indelible mark in WWE history, and anticipation is already building for WrestleMania 41. While the location for next year’s extravaganza has yet to be officially confirmed, there have been two frontrunners, Las Vegas and Minneapolis to host the show.

Negotiations with Las Vegas officials are ongoing, causing a delay in the formal announcement of the event’s location. Meanwhile, Minneapolis has also thrown its hat into the ring as a contender to host WrestleMania 41.

Furthermore, The Undertaker’s podcast added fuel to the fire, with him indicating that Las Vegas is the frontrunner for next year’s Showcase of the Immortals. Now, according to recent update by Wrestle Votes, signs suggest that the likelihood of WrestleMania 41 taking place in Minneapolis is dwindling steadily, with Vegas emerging as the stronger contender.

Although this doesn’t completely rule out Minnesota as a potential host, the delay in the decision-making process isn’t deliberate or part of a new tactic. WWE is purportedly eager to make the announcement promptly, indicating that Las Vegas is gaining traction as the preferred location.


“After speaking with a reliable WWE source over the weekend, it seems that the chances of WrestleMania 41 being held in Minneapolis are decreasing with each passing day. ‘The longer we wait for an announcement, the stronger Las Vegas looks,’ said the source. While this doesn’t mean Minnesota is out of the running, the delay in announcing isn’t part of any new strategy or rollout. WWE is reportedly keen on getting the word out as soon as possible.”

Despite multiple speculations, until an official announcement is made, fans eagerly await confirmation on whether Las Vegas, being a more favored choice as of now, will indeed host WrestleMania 41, envisioning the spectacle in such a renowned and vibrant city.

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