Goldberg’s status as a free agent after his WWE contract expired has generated significant speculation among wrestling fans. His potential move to AEW was a popular topic, with many believing he might make a high-profile jump to the rival promotion. However, Goldberg recently dismissed such rumors, indicating that he does not have plans to join AEW. An ex-WWE writer added to the discussion, expressing skepticism about AEW as a suitable fit for Goldberg.

Despite fan anticipation, Goldberg’s anticipated debut at All In last year never came to fruition. His decision to steer clear of AEW surprised many, especially considering his recent criticism of the company, labeling it as “too cheesy” for his liking.

While speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws, expressed skepticism about Goldberg making his way to AEW. He expressed skepticism about the move, suggesting that AEW’s style and audience would not be suitable for Goldberg’s character and wrestling approach.

Russo described AEW’s atmosphere as “campy” rather than “cheesy,” pointing out that the promotion has cultivated a specific audience with a distinct style of wrestling. He questioned Tony Khan’s judgment, suggesting that Goldberg’s presence in AEW would be at odds with what the company has built.


Russo emphasized that AEW’s focus on a particular type of wrestling and fan base makes it incompatible with Goldberg’s traditional, high-impact style. He went on to explain that if Goldberg were to join AEW, he would likely be met with hostility from the audience.

“I think it’s more campy than cheesy. I think that’s what he was kind of looking for. AEW is not for Bill Goldberg, which bro, how could Tony Khan not understand? That is not a Bill Goldberg audience… He has built this audience, he caters to this audience. He caters to this audience, it’s all about this audience, but yet he is gonna talk to Bill Goldberg about coming in? They would boo Bill Goldberg out of the building. And that just blows my mind that Tony Khan does not understand what his own company is bro.”

A possible reason why Goldberg never made the leap to AEW was also revealed. Goldberg’s firm stance against joining AEW in the foreseeable future, coupled with his apparent lack of interest in a WWE return, has left wrestling fans wondering about his next move. This development has evoked mixed reactions, with some fans expressing relief while others are disappointed at the prospect of Goldberg not appearing in AEW.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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