As of the latest update, Tony Khan is noticeably absent from tonight’s AEW Collision.

Khan, renowned for his hands-on involvement and consistent presence at AEW events, is conspicuously missing from the current proceedings as of 7:06 PM. This departure from his usual routine stands out, given Khan’s regular attendance, even during AEW stars’ engagements in cross-promotional activities or external appearances.

Reports suggest that Khan’s nonattendance is linked to his commitment to the NFL Draft, a significant obligation that has drawn him away from the AEW event. Although it’s anticipated that Khan will eventually make an appearance at Collision, his current absence is a rare occurrence in the AEW landscape.

Insights from Fightful Select shed light on the situation, revealing that this week’s shows were strategically scheduled in Jacksonville to accommodate Khan’s involvement in the NFL Draft.


“Khan is at all AEW shows, and often present when a big AEW star co promotes and appears elsewhere. However as of 7:06pm, Tony Khan is not present at Collision. It’s understood that the show is being done without him while he’s at the NFL Draft.”

While fans await Khan’s eventual arrival at Collision with anticipation, Ringside News will remain committed to providing further updates on his status.

UPDATE: Tony Khan was spotted in the same vicinity overseeing tonight’s Collision show while also finalizing details at the Draft. Currently, he’s shuttling between both events, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Notably, an NFL Films crew is capturing his movements as he navigates between AEW and the NFL Draft.

How do you feel about Tony Khan’s absence from AEW Collision? Do you think it will have any impact on the event or AEW’s operations? Let’s discuss your thoughts and theories on why Khan might be missing from the event and how it might affect the show!

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