A seismic shift occurred in the landscape of the WWE Women’s division last week on Monday Night RAW when Rhea Ripley announced shoulder injury sustained at the hands of Liv Morgan, leading to the vacating of the WWE Women’s World Championship. This unexpected turn of events opened a significant window of opportunity for the female superstars of WWE.

Amidst the void left by Ripley’s departure, The Man Becky Lynch emerged as a beacon of ambition and determination. The battle royal for the vacant WWE Women’s World Championship on the April 22 episode of WWE Raw became the stage for Lynch’s triumphant return to singles title contention, who last eliminated the favorite heading into the match, Liv Morgan to win her seventh WWE Women’s title.

While Becky Lynch reflected on the profound significance of her latest championship triumph and wanted to make her daughter proud of her recent feat, the majority of fans had completely different opinions about Big Time Becks’ victory.

As seen on WWE’s YouTube channel, Becky Lynch winning the Battle Royal video got a massive count of dislikes, way more than the like count, indicating the fans’ displeasure over WWE putting the title on Lynch instead of possibly Liv Morgan who had all the momentum going into the match.


As WWE navigates the course of Becky Lynch’s reign as Women’s World Champion, fans eagerly anticipate the trajectory of her championship reign. However, with this recent response and the company known to alter plans at the sound of the fans’ opinion, it seems WWE may have to unwind their decision differently.

What are your thoughts on Becky Lynch’s title win video getting a massive dislike count? Sound off in the comments!

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