Bray Wyatt’s passing remains one of the saddest in pro wrestling history, as he was truly universally beloved. JoJo Offerman is still trying to cope with the grief and living her life but some hater made judgmental remarks about her, which led to Amanda Huber destroying the hater.

The video of Liv Morgan and Jojo Offerman out partying sparked some controversy among WWE fans. The clip shows Offerman dancing and having fun, which some critics have interpreted as inappropriate given that Bray Wyatt, her partner and a beloved WWE Superstar, passed away a few months ago. Liv Morgan also blasted that hater yesterday.

Amanda Huber, who also lost her husband Brodie Lee back in 2020, took to Twitter and blasted the hater for even daring to make such an insensitive remark.

”And 6 months ago Jojo remained living. F*** anyone who uses grief to create an unrealistic expectation of behavior.


She deserves to find moments of happiness without weirdos on the internet running commentary. Seriously, f*** this mentality 👇”

While it’s understandable that some people may feel that mourning should be a somber and private process, it’s crucial to remember that everyone grieves differently. Judging someone based on a brief video can be unfair and oversimplifies the complexity of grief.

Are you in agreement with what Amanda Huber had to say? Let us know in the comments section below!

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