The professional wrestling industry is known for its ever-changing landscape and the challenge of maintaining originality in storylines, characters, and other creative aspects. Recently, a wrestler filed a plagiarism lawsuit against both WWE and AEW, accusing them of using his intellectual property without permission. The lawsuit, which was initially dismissed, has now been given a second chance, reigniting interest in the case.

Anthony Duane Wilson’s lawsuit against both WWE and AEW included serious accusations of plagiarism and damages, claiming the companies used his creative works, such as wrestling gimmicks, names, slogans, and likenesses, without his permission. He stated that these actions infringed upon his plans to launch his own wrestling promotion and his discussions with Bullet Club members about joining him.

Wilson alleges that his career has been significantly affected by these actions, which he claims have caused market, product, personal, and financial damages. He accuses WWE and AEW of continuing to use his works without acknowledging or compensating him and argues that they intentionally derailed his career.

Despite these accusations, the lawsuit was dismissed on November 3rd, 2023, by Judge Benita Y. Pearson. The judge cited that neither defendant had been served within 90 days of the lawsuit’s filing, which took place in August. As a result, the case did not proceed further, leaving Wilson’s claims unaddressed in court. This dismissal may mark the end of the legal battle unless Wilson decides to refile his case and ensure proper service to the defendants within the stipulated timeframe.


In seeking justice, Wilson is pursuing $250,000,000 in damages and the return of all his intellectual property. He initially filed the lawsuit in August 2023, but it was dismissed in December 2023 due to neither defendant being served within the 90-day period after filing. However, the lawsuit would then get second chance, and this time, both AEW and WWE were served.

According to PWInsider, on April 19, the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Youngstown, issued a ruling in a lawsuit involving Anthony Duane Wilson, who is suing both AEW and WWE. Wilson’s lawsuit accuses each company of “plagiarism, market damages, product damages, personal damages, and financial damages.” The court ruled that Wilson could amend his lawsuit with a new filing.

As a result, the respective attempts by AEW and WWE to have the lawsuit dismissed were denied. This means that, instead of dismissal, the companies will need to file motions related to the updated version of the lawsuit. This ruling allows Wilson to reframe or expand his case, potentially altering the direction of the legal proceedings. The decision to allow an amended filing could lead to a more complex legal battle for both AEW and WWE, requiring additional effort to respond to the updated claims.

The outcome of the new version of the lawsuit could significantly impact both wrestling companies and set a precedent for similar cases. We will have to see how the case will proceed, as it seems like a fruitless endeavor at the moment.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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